AL-FAQAR is proudly serving its customers due to its creativity, wide range of products, trustworthiness, and modernism. Our infrastructure, devoted staff, strict monitoring of procedures operate side by side to provide the top-notch products to its customers.








We are the most promising quality oriented textile company providing supreme quality and stunning products to our customers. We make our products right from basic to highly fashioned pieces thus responding to emerging trends in the industry. We translate conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical and professional acumen.

We are not only satisfying our customers in Pakistan but we export our products to other countries as well and Al-Faqar is today widely recognized as a leader in its league.


Reliability, credibility and creativity are the most important factors you need when you are making something. We ensure best quality brought to you through continuous innovation enhanced by expertise. A fabric without modern style and the intricate design lost its worth. The creative modern styles with the spark of our stunning designs will definitely blew your mind off.


The primary concern of Al-Faqar is quality. We never compromise on the quality of the products, you can find here the best pieces in the town.

Our team strongly believes that customer satisfaction regarding the product is the essence of the business today. Al-Faqar has technology with expertise, product with quality and the most importantly the right mindset to achieve customer satisfaction.