Why is Digital Printing the Reigning Rage?

Digital printing has revolutionized the textile printing industry and has emerged as the new rage. It is the new-found excitement to indulge in that is keeping the textile industry lively and interesting. Not only it is the reigning rage in the fashion world, but it is also ruling the roost in décor, designing, signage, and furnishing industry.

When it comes to digital printing, there is no dearth of advantages and owing to this reason digital textile reactive inks has been immensely adopted across the globe. Its contribution in taking the textile world by storm for all the good reasons is priceless.
Digital printing on fabric
Fig: Digital printing on fabric
Stats Suggest
Digital printing has opened newer floodgates of greater opportunities for designers, traders, and reactive dyes manufacturers. The innovation factor that digital printing brings along make tremendous ways for the applications of digital printing.

The digital printing industry which stood at the worldwide value of US $ 7.5 million in 2015 has now completely ignited a disruptive revolution in the fabric printing industry and has made its value manifold. Digital printing is all rage as it has to a great extent transformed the mode of fabric printing.

The US $7.5 million market of digital printing in 2015 is now projected to reach $139 billion by the end of 2019. While in the next ten years i.e. by the end of 2029 the digital printing market is forecast to reach $230 billion, marking a growth of 65 percent. So if we go by stats, we have all the reasons to believe that digital printing is in no way just a mere fad but it is all rage that is here to stay.

Reasons Why Digital Printing is All Rage
Digital Printing has transformed the ways of doing things. It is clearly bridging the gaps and providing an edge over the conventional printing methods. It has a slew of benefits to offer. Let’s get down to each of them to understand why it will continue to be the reigning rage for years to come.

Improved Proofing Speed and Better Proofing Effect
Expert textile dyes manufacturers and printing experts across the globe say that digital printing aids in improving the proofing speed which becomes beneficial for enterprises in numerous ways. One of those benefits is the faster response time. Besides, it also reduces the processing price which is again a win-win situation for enterprises as well as for customers. And not just the response time and processing price, what’s even better is the proofing effect. Digital printing provides an edge over traditional printing with a better proofing effect.

Play with Colors at Its Best
With digital printing, it is easier to print an array of colors or let’s say any combination of color that you want on the fabric. There is no bar in using colors when it comes to design creation. Moreover, the quality of print on the fabric is superlative, which is another reason for the popularity of digital textile dyes. As opposed to traditional printing, with digital printing you are all free to play with colors and let your creativity blossom on the fabric.

Efficient for Short-Print Runs
Digital printing is ideal even for short-print runs, unlike traditional printing methods where the setup would take a toll on the cost. Digital printing eliminates the need for printing plates which makes the setup cost virtually zero. Moreover, it is also comparatively faster for short-run printing.

Premium Print Quality
Apart from faster printing and cost-effectiveness, digital printing is hugely adopted for its premium printing quality. Designs sit pretty well on the fabrics and the colors come out as vibrant as it is. Moreover, a variety of textures and finishes can be achieved with this all-rage tprinting method. For this very reason, fashion designers are in awe of digital printing.

Digital printing is comparatively an environment-friendly printing method as by leveraging inkjet printers you can print only the desired part of the material. This reduces the wastage of ink.

Digital Printing is the Disruptive Solution
Digital printing is radically transforming ways of doing things in the printing industry. Not only it offers an edge over the conventional printing methods, but it creates a win-win in every way for customers and enterprises. If the forecast is to be believed, it is going to bring great business to the digital textile dyes manufacturers in the coming years.

It is no wonder that it is reigning rage in the textile industry. And more importantly, owing to its slew of benefits, we now have no doubt in the fact that it is here to stay as it has turned out to be the most disruptive solution that is redefining the printing industry.

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