Upholstery & Draphy

Upholstery is the art of providing furniture and walls with padding, springs, webbings, fabric and leather covers while on the other hand draping is the process of positioning and pinning fabric in a form to develop a structure and design. Drapery is a medium weight fabric heavier than quilting and apparels but lighter than upholstery fabric. Design can be in printed and embroidered form usually the drapping fabric is cotton, linen, rayon, or a blend that can include polyester.


Jamawar is the most elegant and exquisitely designed fabric known as the “fabric of Royalty”. Etymologically Jama means ‘robe’ and war is ‘yard’. A mixture of staggering and intricate patterns combined with small floral and geometric details to make a sensational impact on the eyes of the viewer. The intricacy of the designs is not the only thing to show the richness of the fabric, but the use of golden and silver ‘Zari work’ done in the most noticeable way makes the product more rich and heavy. Jamawar is the unique designed fabric that can stand out in any space.


A soft and mushy feel of silk banarsi simply infuse the feeling of bliss in the world. Banarsi fabric vibrancy and elegance needs no introduction. The fabric came into existence in the Mughal era when artisans and craftsmen chose Banaras as the place that blended well with their culture and started weaving Bnarsi fabric, from there the world started to get a most elegant fabric to wear.


Bedding fabric plays a huge role in how well we slept at night. We have entered a whole new world of fabric development and design and now we have more choices than ever before. Do you tend to sweat a lot at night? Or do you want fell relaxed and chilled? Our team helps you in choosing the best fabric carrying the unique modern designs in town that gives you a relaxing feel.