Jamawar is the most elegant and exquisitely designed fabric known as the “fabric of Royalty”. Etymologically Jama means ‘robe’ and war is ‘yard’. A mixture of staggering and intricate patterns combined with small floral and geometric details to make a sensational impact on the eyes of the viewer. The intricacy of the designs is not the only thing to show the richness of the fabric, but the use of golden and silver ‘Zari work’ done in the most noticeable way makes the product more rich and heavy. Jamawar is the unique designed fabric that can stand out in any space.

Jamawar is a historical fabric all the way from Persia to Kashmir about five centuries ago. In old days Jamawar was weaved using several kannis or little wooden shuttles of different colors used for a single weft line but in the modern world we give you a range of unlimited colors to choose from, making each and every piece look distinctive and unique.

We didn’t restrict Jamawar to shawls only but you can find high quality hand woven sherwani’s, waistcoats, sarees, bedspread and tablecloths here.