Are you looking for Jamawar silk fabric, made with finest silk threads woven into an exquisite, heavily patterned brocade fabric? If yes you are in the right place!
The subtle sheen and high-end beauty of this textile sets it apart. Jamawar silk fabric is an interesting innovation. It has a very delicate, beautiful look!
We have Jamawar woven using an adulterated form of Pashmina made of wool and cotton. This type of fabric will keep you warm and is the perfect textile for cold weather. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Alfaqar.com and grab your Jamawar Silk Fabric today!


Be part of an experience like no other with the Jamawar Cotton fabrics with Multiple hues and detailed designs which create a truly exquisite textile. The designs are woven into the fabric itself to give it glamour.
With our Jamawar Cotton you will capture the glory, and the colors of nature skillfully. Our Jamawar cotton fabric is beautiful and wool-with. Most of our designs are floral, with the kairy or paisley as the predominant motif. Our good range of fashion colors make our fabric even more desirable and can lit up any space!


Step into our world of decadence with our Jamawar fabrics! The beauty and intricacy of our Jamawar Printed fabric has attracted the attention of high-fashion designers, who have chosen repeatedly to use it in order to create gorgeous designer party-wear.
Styling and accessorizing such a rich fabric require a certain amount of attention to detail and that is why we have a Printed version of our Jamawar fabric. The aim is to present an ensemble that is balanced and visually harmonious just for you!


Evoke spirit of opulence with the very best of Craftsmanship, exquisitely Jamawar embroidered fabric. Are you ready to be part of an epitome of our rich art and craft? Each of our jamawar fabric, is embroidered heavily all across to give it an innovative look!
The full floral design of our Jamawar Embroidered fabric wrap around is stitched using cotton embroidery threads for the perfect inspiration just for you. Our fabric is soft and smooth to touch. In spite of heavy embroidery work, the Jamawar Embroidered fabric is very light and comfortable. It is of high quality for you to feel cozy and warm during cold weather. This fabric will nicely complement the traditional, intricate aesthetic of the garment. A pretty, embellished Jamawar Embroidered fabric with matching designs will finish the ensemble perfectly well! We are here to provide you the best designs of Jamawar Embroidered fabrics!